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From the Desk of: Xavier Barroso
Date: 8th October, 2017
Subject:Grab this high quality Business in a box and start your digital business in less than 72 hours with or without my help no matter what your level of experience with resell rights Businesses!


Thanks for stopping by, I'm Xavier Barroso of 41 years from Gold Coast in Australia. I have been Internet Marketing for 7 years now. After all this time it is a wonder to me how very priceless it is to keep things simple and not get Marketing strategies to complex and time consuming.


In my 7 years experience there have been many ups and downs I have spent much time making products and many failed while others flourished. I look back to when I was a beginner with so much desire to be the best resell rights wholesaler and think at times "why didn't I keep it simple".


You see after I was starting to see some online profits with resale rights products I decided to get a little creative and start my hand at complex product creation strategies! And this was very time consuming. I could have just rebranded private label rights products with photoshop or paid someone to do it for me and I would have been far more successful with doing what I ended up doing.


As a beginner to the online business world I realized that Resale and Private Label rights are very powerful even if you don't have much of a clue to start.


There are many tutorials in this package that I give to you today and you will value them mostly starting today as a beginner with all your questions answered and if not please send me an email to and I will gladly answer any of your questions you need help with.


This is part of the deal so if you are a beginner in need of questions to be answered just contact me by email for quick response in Australian business hours or else give me 24 hours to respond.


I'm not the most successful Online Marketer, but I know a few things that can super speed your learning to better Powerful Online Marketing!


In my past 7 years, I have chopped and changed many of my methods, wiped the slate clean of resources gathered, started again and thankfully at the end of the day I now highly value these choices I made for the powerful strategies it has given me with persistence and tempts of fate.

Just a word of Warning!.. Entering the Online Business Industry is not for the faint of heart!..


Beware of offers that seem to good to be true. I have fallen victim as well but there is always a lesson you can take from it. Whether it is to help you be ever growing caution or to figure out how on earth they made you purchase that product offer, learning from your mistakes is a great way to venture into online Business for the quality mindset and skills you'll grow.


So yes be wise in your choices always, and have a think about how you would like to start Internet Marketing. Take your time but hurry up, efficiency I learned is diligence with faith. No regrets in a way, but to have a minimum requirement (or back up plan) for your effort if all is to fail and the opportunity end up not being as was promised for you.

I could shout at the world here with promises to financial glory but unfortunately success is completely up to you, or specifically the price factor you are willing to pay for success!


I believe in getting what you pay for, for this reason I have learned much more than the average marketer are willing to pay. I have paid for many courses and expensive software, but price isn't always financial, it is much more rather the effort and determination you put in and doing the little things that other marketers don't

This package can help you see a new world to venture in! But you have to trust your senses and play with those that are willing to give you the right way and means to go forward.


Many websites are willing to give you thousands upon thousands of products for $100.. but then unfortunately you are left to figure it all out with thousands upon thousands of garbage products to review just to find the good ones! This is resell rights marketing just for the money and they do it because of greed and they think they can fool starters by the droves and that its a good Business plan.

At we have done the hard work and found those hard to find gems!

Resell Rights Products is a Real Business and not a get rich scheme that should have worked like promised! It takes work, money, risk and effort to do it properly!


Know that persistence is key to a successful Business whatever it may be, but also realize you have to put your foot forward to it sooner or later, so why not make it right here right now with the amazing Super Resale Pack!

Introducing Super Resale Pack

"Everything you need to help start earning money online with Resale Rights Products Even if you are a complete beginner."

Super Resale Pack

Lucky for you we value quality than rather quantity..

We won't throw thousands of dated or worthless products on to you to try and package to sell, ONLY to have to compete with everyone else doing the same thing from products from the same reseller.

NO we value quality always.

For this reason it has taken us two years to find the best of the best resale rights products out there on the internet.

This package could save you thousands of dollars and valuable time trying to find similar high quality resale rights products you can sell for 100% Royalty free profits for the rest of your life!

So I am happy to Introduce to you The Super Resale Rights Collection

When you order your copy of Super Resale Pack
you will receive access to not 1 but 6 in depth video training
PLR resale rights products that you can List for sale on your
website or however you like and earn 100% royalty free profits for life.


(Our PLR Resale Rights products include unrestricted branding options so you can rename them whatever you want and have instant unique self authored info products without having to do the hard work. The products include source files and .psd files so you can edit them as you wish.)


Don't know anything about websites or how to get started?

Problem solved!


At We'll help you get started with our full installation service where we will..

  1. Let you know where to register your domain name for as little as $12/ Year
  2. Host your domain name with our professional web hosting service at affordable costs* ($10/Month)
  3. Set up your profitable website sales page so you can turn visitors into paid customers
  4. Set everything up so your resale rights products get delivered to customers automatically after secure payment through PayPal
  5. Answer your support emails to any questions you have
  6. Give you full Gold Membership access to our members only starter tools and resources
  7. Optionally hire us to help you with any other tasks like Google SEO Ranking, Content creation, Web design and more
  8. And we'll always be here whenever you need further information or advice


Get Super Resale Pack today and whatch your Online Business profits go through the roof!

Even if you are a complete beginner to Internet Business.

Here are the products..

What Can You Do With This Incredible Collection Of Private Label Products?...

Well, you can do VIRTUALLY ANYTHING YOU WANT WITH THEM! Let me offer you some money-making ideas...

  You can use the products for your own knowledge - There's some great information waiting inside these videos!

  You can put your name on the products and sell them as the original creator for all the profits!

  You can re-name the products, edit the sales material, and change the graphics to create your own INSTANT hot sellers!

  You can re-purpose the content into other formats (e-book, audio, membership content, physical product, etc.)

  You can sell the products individually or in a package at any price you wish.. The profit potential is yours to decide!

  You can add the products into your paid membership site for your members to enjoy and increase the perceived value of membership!

  You can use them as bonuses to other products you are selling!

  You can include them in a paid package and sell at a higher price!

  You can sell the products through auction sites or dime sale events!

You can change and publish the products offline!

You can give away the bonus reports to build your list, then "upsell" your new subscribers to the video products and make lots of money!

And so much more, imagination is your only limit!

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That would cost you $162 if you were to buy them separately.

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That's an amazing deal.

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